Jen McCarthy has a unique impressionistic style of painting. Her one of a kind paintings are inspired by your favorite photos and images.

Currently her favorite medium(s) are a blend of pastels and watercolor paints. Jen began her personal art collection as a student studying Fine Arts and has enjoyed painting throughout her life here in Monmouth County NJ. Jen is a wellness consultant, nature enthusiast, Mother, Sister, and trusted friend.

Sharing her work and enthusiasm for living a "whole life" is Jen's passion!

"Small j images" is a theme that thrives in Jen's art creations. She believes in simple, inspired, honest work. Keeping her "j" small allows Jen to stay focused on the subjects and joy of painting and creating beauty for fellow art lovers.

Having a personal art collection or even just that one special piece that makes you feel happy each time you see it is priceless. "Art should be affordable and accessible to everyone who embraces it. My goal is to paint personal commissioned pieces which art lovers can afford and enjoy for a lifetime."

Today most people find their treasured images in scrap books and memory boxes, on a cloud or in their mobile devices. Surrounding yourself with personally inspired art that is pleasing to your eye and soul is a life enriching gift.

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